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Quantity Estimating

Nothing is more frustrating that getting almost to the end of a project and realising that you haven't ordered quite enough gravel, sand, paint, timber, or some other essential product. Almost as bad is realising that, when the project is finished, you over ordered and now have a large amount of something left over but not quite enough to use on something else!


Let South Tyne Building Supplies take the guesswork out of your next project by estimating the materials you will need; we've been in the business for over 30 years and our expert staff have tackled thousands of jobs large and small over the years.


  • If you are laying gravel; or a base, and have the area and depth, we can work out what you need
  • We can also calculate fencing, decking and guttering if you have the area/distance needed


If you would like us to estimate quantities for you please make sure that your measurements are accurate and, if you are not sure what measurements we need, please contact us for help and advice.